How to change your instance type on an Amazon EC2 instance

September 19th, 2012

I had a t1.micro instance and wanted to upgrade to a t1.small instance. It turns out it was pretty simple: (Hopefully you have an Elastic IP already set up for your current instance, that way, nothing will change in terms of the public DNS).

  1. Go to your AWS EC2 console.
  2. Select your instance that you wish to upgrade, then click on the Instance Actions button up top.
  3. Select STOP.
  4. Once the instance has stopped, click on Instance Actions again, now select Change Instance Type.
  5. Select the instance type you wish to upgrade to.
  6. Once you've selected your type, START back up your instance.

For some reason, the Elastic IP doesn't automatically jump to the "new" upgraded instance, so don't forget to re-attach your Elastic IP: Go to the Elastic IP screen, then de-associate the Elastic IP from your previous instance, then re-attach it to your recently upgraded instance. Everything else should now run exactly the same in terms of connecting SSH and such.