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How to deeplink your app from web for both iOS and Android devices

You've created an app, and you've done the work to make it accessible via deeplinking patterns on iOS or Android,now how do you deeplink from your website, and how do you redirect to the app-store if your app doesn't exist on the user's device? Here is the way I did it with a brief explanation:


function launchiOSApp(url) {
var appleAppStoreLink = '';
var now = new Date().valueOf();
setTimeout(function () {
if (new Date().valueOf() - now > 500) return;
window.location = app ...
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Running PHP scripts in the background in Windows

So trying to run a background PHP script so you can fire off multiple concurrent scripts? A great example is letting an admin user fire off a db processing script that would need to run for a long time.  While doing the same in a linux environment is sort of a breeze using the php exec function (don't forget to redirect the output somewhere),  I discovered that in Windows, the same code didn't work,  php consistently kept waiting for the script to finish, thereby essentially locking up the sessioned user.  After searching high and low and coming across various ...
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A Simple Customizable Scroll-to-Top JQuery Plugin

Increasingly, more new sites are deploying a continuous single-page design with links that essentially scroll down to the content/section that a user wants to see.  One way to allow users a way to return to the top of a page is to add a scroll-to-top button which appears once a user scrolls past a certain offset from the top.  When clicked, the user will gracefully scroll back up to the top.  This is especially useful for mobile devices that have smaller screens view

I've created a super lightweight and configurable jquery-scrolltop-button plugin which allo ...
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Adding fixed position element breaks scrolling on Android 4.4 Nexus 4 Chrome Browser

Fixed position elements (elements with position:fixed css) have always been known to produce some quirks across different mobile browsers.  Fortunately, newer mobile browsers are slowly resolving some quirks. 

I had a strange quirk that prevented scrolling when you added an element with fixed positioning onto the page. In my case, I was adding a scroll-to-top button and fixing it to the bottom right using CSS.  The CSS went something like this:

.scroll-btn {
    bottom: 30px;
    background-col ...
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Getting rid of the blue highlight on focus around input boxes on iOS Safari Mobile

When you focus on an input element in iOS, a blue highlight shadow displays when the input field comes into focus.  Searching high and low, the common answer to disable this seems to be by setting the outline:0 in css on focus like:

input:focus {

It didn't work for me.  What else do you need?  Turn off the box shadowing that iOS also adds like this:

input:focus {

Hope that helps!

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